Friday, September 11, 2015

Mosquito Bait

2 posts one night - tooooo funny so had to share...

Justin hurt his leg a few days ago...
Mosquito flying around
lands on leg...
Justin hits leg...

yep - right on the bruise...

The commentary isn't postable as this is a PG site...but needless to say - it was funny!!!

You're welcome!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

WHAT This thing still works?!?!

So it's been....7 years!!!  WOW!  If anyone ever looks here - I'll dust some of the cobwebs off for ya! LOL!

So let's see...since I was on last...we've moved twice (apt to house then to another city)...Job stayed the same till I quit in December...hubby lost job, got job, quit job, got another job, graduated college, got another job, quit that one, got another one, and then left that one for the one he's in now!  Sounds like a LOT but it's been SEVEN years!!!

oh yeah - had 2 kids...1 turns 6 in a couple weeks and the other turns 2 in December!

Homeschooling and keeping my babies at home is my full time job now!  It's the best!!

I have also begun selling It Works products - all natural products that help with SO MANY things!!! and they really do work!!! (at least the ones I've used do!)  I decided to start selling them because Justin is SOOO stressed all the time with work...and at work all the time (he's currently there and it's almost 11PM!)...and a good friend's sister who's a distributor (I'm friends with the sister too, but much close to the other) was able to work the business and bring her husband home!  He quit a full time job as an well paid engineer to be home and work the business with her and be there with their girls...  I want my husband to not have to stress over work anymore!  Plus like I said - they do work!  So while I have great ambitions of bringing my husband home, if I didn't love the products I wouldn't sell them!! :-)

Whoa - still chase rabbits as I wasn't intending to go into all that...was just going to catch up...
Well I'll try to be back before my kids graduate! LOL
(actually the almost 6 yr old wants her own "app" ;-) told her that her aunt and I were talking about getting the girls a blog/web page and in her 21st century mind it's an app!  so we'll see if that comes to be!)

Ok - that's enough for now...lets see how long this little update can hold you....let me know if anyone's still out there?!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Let's see...what's happened since March...umm...alot...let's see...passed the Bar exam! WOO HOO!...celebrated 4th anniversary with my sweetie...found out the company I was working for was being sold...well...had been purchased...interviewed for a new job...was hired for new job...moved...started new job...hubbie got new job...ummm...I think that about sums it up...see you haven't missed much...I can sum up 6 months in a few short lines! :-)

The new job is an attorney position with the less risk of being bought out ;-) LOL! I have been in the new job for just over a month now...been mainly observing another attorney...and this Wednesday I lead on my first case...I'll have co-counsel for my first few cases, so that's good...that way if some off the wall objection/motion is made, & I don't know how to respond, she'll be able to help...Then in about 2 weeks, I'll take on my caseload all by myself...kinda scary, but I'm excited about's the culmination of 5 years of work! We're hoping our house sells soon...and that we find a church home here...and then things will be looking good for us...but even as things stand right now...God has truly blessed us!

well hubbie is starting to houseclean, so lemme get off here (he's making me look bad! ;-) )

Hopefully it won't be 6 months till my next post! :-)

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hey! Yeah! It's really me!

I attempted to log in today...and it worked...who knew! ;-) I know you are all thinking I got swallowed up by monsters or something...I was kinda thinking I had as well!

Took the Bar Exam the last week of February...won't get results till April...Who knows how I did...but for 5 weeks I get to enjoy life not knowing either way!

We've been working towards rearranging our house...still got a lot to do, but we've made a good start...

I think it's been too long since I posted, cause I have nothing really interesting to say...

For your viewing pleasure I'll show you what I got to enjoy TWICE this week (Tuesday and Friday)...

Tuesday morning on my way to work...

and Friday afternoon:

Friday Odie decided to build a snowman since there was so much snow!

Ok - now you should all be happy...a recent post WITH pictures!

Monday, November 12, 2007

6 months

Man! Time does fly! Let's see what's new...since my last post in early May...hmm...I graduated...I studied for the bar exam...I failed the bar exam...and am studying for the bar exam again...see you didn't miss much! LOL! We've been to Funroe several times lately, and it appears will be several more before the year's out...I've enjoyed traveling...but shock of all shocks...I'm ready to stay home! So, this weekend, we're going to stay home...and then next weekend is Thanksgiving, so hopefully we'll be traveling that weekend (still on hold with work though on those plans...)...then back to hunting in Funroe for the hubby... I'm taking this weekend to clean my house some, and get a little value out of the mortgage payment this month! LOL! One family of my friends are moving to this area, so I'm excited about that...and he will be staying with us starting next week until their house sells...need to make some room for him!

Ok - I see why I haven't posted...I have nothing to say apparently! LOL! I probably would have had more to say along the way over the last HALF OF A YEAR that I haven't posted...but oh well! Work has blocked Blogger, so I can't post from there, and I'm not at school anymore (which is when I did a lot of my posting!) it makes it more challenging! I saw where you can e-mail your posts in, so I'm going to see about maybe doing be watching to see if I keep up any promises though! LOL!

Ok - time for me to go to bed - I'm tired! (I'm only still up cause I was waiting for the pumpkin to finish cooking (not cooking for Thanksgiving, just so the pumpkin won't go bad, and I"ll have it for pumpkin bread!), and it finished, and has been pureed and is in ziplock baggies, so nothing keeping me up but you - go to bed! LOL

g'night for now...

Monday, May 07, 2007

zoom zoom....

wow - I didn't publish at ALL in April! it was a busy month too!

oh well - look what May has brought along....

woo hoo!! :-)

and on the inside...

(and for those who might wonder - the papers are the bills I mailed this afternoon - right now there's NOTHING in the car except my badge for work!)

It's a 2007 Hyundai Sonata
"Dark Cherry Red"
tan interior

it's PRETTY!!! :-)

ok - gotta go study - final tomorrow - please pray for me!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So...made it to spring break! woo hoo! I've been extremely stressed as of late...can't imagine why?!? *sigh* Buy hey...I've got 52 days till graduation...and only 17 days of classes!!! I was stressing the other day and my sweet wonderful husband reminded me the only thing I HAVE to do is graduate...I can take the bar exam next year if I was a really sweet offer! And cut the stress a little knowing he won't hate me or be disappointed etc! Granted I'm still gonna take the bar this's like I told him, I'm pretty sure the stress will be the same this summer of if I put it off till next! so might as well get it over with! By the time I take the bar exam, I'll have a whopping 2 days of vacation time left! (assuming I stay at the current job - which I can only plan in my current little box I live in!)...since I like to take off for finals, and one of the reviews is during the day, and the bar exam is during the day....*sigh*!

This past weekend we went to NC to visit my bro & SIL! Had a GREAT time with them! The further we got away from here the more the tension eased...I didn't bring the first school related thing with me, so I could actually relax! (remember I'll only have 2 days after the bar exam for the rest of the year - so this was basically my vacation for the year!)...Friday night was the best night's sleep I've had in a while!!! Sunday night/Monday AM woke up with a stomach bug (2AMish)...and didn't really sleep much after the time I got up Monday to get in the truck...I was empty...if ya get my drift...the ride back was awful!!! Granted my sweet wonderful husband was fantastic!!! He's so good to me!

Upcoming plans: This coming weekend we're going to see the parental units! The following Tuesday I go get my mouthpiece to help with my TMJ issues!! The next weekend we'll actually be home... The next weekend a girl-friend(class-mate) & I are going to take a "de-stress" weekend (really just an overnight outta town) get our hair done, a massage, possibly a manicure...just whatever we want...then have a wedding to go to that Saturday evening, so we have to be back in time for that...

On the to-do list...still have to finish filling out the Bar the fingerprinting the letters of recommendation in - THANKS! (you know who you are!) might can get that finished tonight(it's THIRTEEN pages!!) and sent off tomorrow...well have to go get the big fat cashiers check to submit tomorrow, and THEN can send it off...which will still be FOUR days before the deadline!! Woo hoo! I'm really trying to not show up the day it's due in the office it's due to turn it in! *sigh*! Still gotta get out announcements (they came in this past week)...and find a place for the graduation gathering...(I think the friend I'm doing that with has someone trying to find a place, but need to follow up)...Need to sign up and pay for the "other" Bar review the 2oth...3 Final exams and then graduation! I think that's it...list is shrinking some!

Better get off here...time to head to the house!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

still alive seems I've lost what few readers I actually sad!...maybe now I can talk about everyone!? ;-) made ya look!

I've got a few things marked off my list...but it's still a long list! I finished the MPRE....the ethics part of the bar...that was Saturday...I'll get my results in 4-6 weeks...I've asked some people to write my letters of recommendation for my bar application...I've ordered my graduation costume, announcements, Termite damage repaired...

Still to do...finish bar application...actually get the letters of recommendation...get fingerprinted...send it all for barbri for PMBR (if I decide to do it...I've heard so many thoughts on the value of it, so I haven't decided)...finish the semester...finals...will have to mail announcements when they come in...

This weekend is to get the house back together (have ignored the mess to study for MPRE) weekend is off to NC to see bro & SIL!...then a week of spring break...then going to see the parental units...then back to the grind...finish the last 4 weeks of school...finals...etc

I feel like I'm missing something I was gonna write about....but now that I have the screen open and am typing, I can't remember what I was gonna say!

Maybe I'll write another post in my next class (2 posts for the price of 1!)...since this class is about over...(but no promises!)

If I actually know you personally...know that I'm missing you like CRAZY! If I don't know you and you're reading this...I don't know you...what do you expect...I can't miss ya if I don't know you! :-) But thanks for reading!

Leave comments...let me know what's going on in your lives!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

slow this ride down please!!!!

This ride is going too fast...I'd like for it to slow down a bit...or let me go get on a different one!!

I've wanted to post for almost 2 weeks now, and haven't been able to take a few minutes to do it!

I'm in class today at work...and while it's interesting, and I'm learning a good's I figure I'll have this up in the background, and maybe by the end of class I can have a post finished...

So what's happened in the last 2 weeks....

Let's see...there's the work...

The surprise sent to work by my sweet wonderful husband was a half dozen long stemmed red roses! He's so sweet! That night I skipped class, and a girlfriend of mine, and my sweet wonderful husband, and I all went to eat at Crazy was yummy! We had done Valentine's Day on Friday when we went out to eat and went to My Fair this was just birthday, so I was able to convince my friend to go too! Oh that morning went to the dentist for a cavities! woo hoo!

Woke up the morning of the 15th with a migraine - fun fun! Took drugs and was able to go to work...was tired from the meds, but was able to tolerate being out...later that morning went to the orthodontist! Why you might ask...I'm tired of my jaw clicking/ supervisor told me about her getting braces to stop her TMJ issues. The orthodontist said he doesn't think what I've been told my whole life is "tension headaches" and "migraines" are actually tension headaches and migraines...he thinks they are all a result of my jaw being out of alignment...some of it makes sense...but I'm not 100% convinced...we'll see... The treatment consists of putting a gadget in the top of my mouth and in the bottom of my mouth for 6 months...which should stop the popping...then they do braces, to fix the teeth, so the alignment will stay correct and popping won't come back...we talked about the possibility of us moving...and he said he'll get me through the first phase, and if we move around the time of phase 2, then he'll recommend me to someone wherever we move too...I was very impressed with the guy overall...he looked at my bite, and was able to tell me which side I sleep on...that I sleep with my mouth open etc...(gave him a lot more credibility to me!)... Right now we're waiting to see what insurance will cover...I know what dental will cover...we're waiting to see what/if medical will cover...(I've called on my own, and know the answer, but I'm trying to get the insurance chick to call me back!)...

(I think the teacher of the class just saw that I was working on this instead of the databases...oops)... soon as I hear back from the insurance chick at the office...I'll make my appointment for the "splints" (the 2 mouth pieces)...While I'm not looking forward to wearing the splints...I'm looking forward to my jaw no longer popping!

That Friday...hmmm...I think that was the day that LJ bought me lunch for my birthday...I have no idea what else we did...

I know that weekend we bought several "kid" movies...we knew we wouldn't have to worry about content as much that way...and we both like kid movies! :-D...Oh and my sweet wonderful husband wanted the StarTrek movies...we were about to find a boxed set of ALL of 'em, so we got that too...we went to a place that buys and sells used DVD's... woo hoo! We have several we want to get rid of with questionable content(bad language..."one bad scene"...etc...), so now we know how to get rid of those...and get something for 'em (kinda swapping 'em cause you get more store credit than cash - seller chooses cash or credit)

ok - back from break - didja miss me? ;-)

I think that gets us up to last week...hmm...

Monday...let's see...I think that was a normal Monday....

Tuesday...normal up until about 10:30 that night...when I realized the paint by the back door was bubbled about 2 to feeling around...there were what felt like little trails in the sheet rock behind the paint....our first thought...and probably yours...termites...fortunately we're under a termite contract with Terminex...they come out retreat, and fix and fix any damages...took forever of me pestering 'em to get 'em out to the house...but the guy came by Friday to see what it suspected...termites...they are re-treating the house today...and will repair the sheet rock and paint next week...the guy that came out Friday was great - he explained everything to me in a simple way, without dumbing down everything too much...made me feel better about the whole process...that was basically the week between pestering Terminex to get someone out to the house, and pestering the insurance chick at the orthodontist...and of course work and school!

This past weekend...had MPRE review...MPRE is the Mulitstate Professional Responsibility Exam...aka the Ethics exam for the the time I got home from that...I felt we swapped out a movie from last week that didn't work right...and then went home and bed time I felt horrible...we missed church Sunday morning cause I felt bad...I slept till noon...and sat on the couch till evening church...we made it to church that night...and I was run down by the time we got home...we didn't stay up much later before we crashed...I woke up about 3AM with a splitting headache...I took sinus meds cause I'd been suffering with sinus junk the whole weekend...woke up again at 6ish head still pounding...took Advil and prescription drugs text messaged boss and went back to up at 8:30 and felt MUUUUUCH better! I have NO idea the cause of the wasn't a far as it had NONE of the typical migraine symptoms...

Once I got up yesterday felt much better...and it was a typical day...gave up on the insurance chick getting information, and called and got it myself...still waiting to talk to her to tell her what I learned...

Today...I've been in class...this morning I felt so cut off from the world...I couldn't get my work IM to was terrible...sitting in a not very stimulating class...with no access to "play" it fixed at lunch...and started typing this too...

This weekend I have to study for the week have to take the MPRE...

In the month of March I have to get my Bar application finished and submitted...I have to pay for Bar/Bri (6 weeks review course for the bar)...and pay for PMBR (9 day review for Bar)...and pay for the bar...(anyone got some spare money...cause this is getting expensive!)...and order graduation announcements(and pay for 'em)...and order graduation costume (& pay for it)...see...taking donations! (this is on top of paying for the dental stuff I'm doing)

We're almost done with class...which is actually early...that's kinda good...but it means I'll have an hour or so to get started on something work related...that's really not enough time to actually accomplish anything...basically just enough time to get started...and then have to go... that I've written a's life with you? What's new in the past 2 weeks in your life? Anything fun & exciting coming up for you? :-)

oh - and still could use ideas on why my sidebar is at the bottom...?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

can someone help me...

I'm not sure how to fix my problem...I've piddled, and don't have time to work till I fix it...

It might just be me (using IE as a browser)...but my side bar is at the bottom...I don't have anything that's really wide that would cause it to bump down, so I'm stumped...I've attempted to change my widths on sections of the blog and that hasn't helped....

It happened when we updated to the new blogger (it made me) I'm wondering if it has something to do with that...? Is there a way to fix it? (without changing my whole template - I like my black and purple...)

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?


Monday, February 12, 2007

My Sweet Wonderful Husband!

He did so good! For my birthday/Valentine's day, he got us tickets to see My Fair Lady put on by Arkansas Symphony Orchestra! It was FANTASTIC!!! (Show was Friday night!)...

I know he's sending "something" to work...

How do I know... cause he's not so subtle...

here's how it went...

me at rings...

Me - hello
Him - hey! Whatcha doin?
Me -
Him - havin a good day
Me - yeah - you?
Him - yeah...
*silence for a sec*
Him - you work on the 4th floor right?
Me - no - 6th...
Him - mumble....well it is building 4 right?
Me - yep
Him - ok...
Me - you could just give them the building and they'll find me
Him - they wanted floor too...want me to tell you what it is?
Me - no - I know too much already....

LOL! He's soo sweet!

I asked a few days later if he wanted me to send a singing monkey to work for him or something...he said no - send pizza...a pizza place here has heart shaped pizzas - so I was gonna do that...but none of them will deliver to his work...

So...I sent cookies to him to work for Wednesday...

Ok - better get back to work....

what sweet things has your sweetie done for you recently?
(yes - that's a request for you to leave comments! ;-) )
Ta-ta for now!

Friday, February 02, 2007

let it snow let it snow let it snow!

This was the view out my back door this morning! How pretty!

I was sent home early yesterday due to the coming 2nd wave of "bad weather"...classes were cancelled Wednesday and Thursday nights... and came in later today to give the roads a chance to clear!

Hope all is well with everyone!

Better get back to's the 2nd day of the busy busy!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

ok - time for an update...

I'm sitting in class...and figured hey - why not update here, and let everyone know what's going on...

I've been EXTREMELY busy as of late... let's see...went to Georgia to see my sweet wonderful husbands "sister"...and got to see this...

it was scarrry!!! ;-) just kidding. LOVED getting to meet the "sister's" family...her husband was quite amusing...the oldest beat my sweet wonderful husband at every game she convinced him to play...and the youngest girl had my sweet wonderful husband wrapped around her little finger....see...

Got back from there...and classes started...what fun...

Prior to tonight, I've been to each class for 3 hours (twice for each class)...

I think I'm going to like this semester...first of all because it's my last! LOL... Second...because I only have 3 classes...which is my lightest load so far... and of course 3 would be because of classes...I'm taking Employment discrimination...which seems to be an ok class...only real problem is she's very soft spoken, and there's only 3 rows in the classroom...that's what I"m sitting in now...interesting subject class is Decedents's a bar course...and I"ve had the tax part of this class the terms and such are already familiar...and the professor has done GREAT in explaining things...and finally...I'm taking Jurisprudence...I've had this professor before...the subject is basically legal's a very different class...I like parts of it...and don't get parts of it...hopefully it'll all come together in the end (having the professor before - I'm pretty sure it will - it's just frustrating until then!)

Got my grades...passed now I have 3 classes between me and graduation! WOO HOO!

ok - lemme pay attention again! If not - you won't wanna hire me for an employment discrimination case ;-)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

May 19th

Or 4 Months, 2 Weeks, and 1 day....till graduation! I called the school to find out the date, and she said it's the 3rd Saturday of apparently it's the same DAY as the main campus graduation, but it's a separate ceremony!

I can't believe the break is almost over...I've got just over a week left off...*sigh*...and this week has been long at with all that's been going on, I haven't really gotten to go home and sit on my duff...first few days off was prepare for Christmas...then was Christmas...took nephew hunting one day...worked 2 1/2 days then had company for New Years...New Years off...this week so far I've worked 32 hours already...and I have to work tomorrow AND Saturday...oh and I was off Monday, so those 32 hours are in 3 days!...I should get off at a reasonable hour about 15 minutes...and my sweet wonderful husband has requested I not work late tomorrow night...not that I'll have much say in it, but it is his birthday and I'd rather not have to work late either! Then next week we'll be getting ready for our trip...we're going to Georgia to see my sweet wonderful husband's "sister"...I'm looking forward to that trip, but when we get a week and a half from today...Tuesday the 16th...granted that'll be 4 months and 4 days till graduation! :-D (but who's counting?)...

Ok lemme get off here...just wanted to firm up the date...for whoever reads here anymore!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Woo hoo!!! The semester is finally over!!!! I think it ended well....but we'll know for sure in late January or early February! I didn't sleep as well last night as I had hoped...I don't think my mind realized it really was over, and it could relax! I went to bed with a headache, and woke up this AM with one. At least it's not a migraine!

It's a good thing I was able to get a lot of my Christmas shopping done on trips this past year, and a few ordered through catalogs...because tonight is my first opportunity to go Christmas shopping! I've got parents (both biological and in-law) taken care of, and was able to get my brother done last week...nephews done...all that's left are a few more...and I need to get a baby gift for one of the couples in the church...they had their kid at Thanksgiving, but I haven't had time to get her anything...(I was unable to attend her baby shower because it was the Tuesday after Christy died, and I couldn't miss another night of class, after missing almost a whole week before!)...I feel like such a bad friend...she says she understands, but still...*sigh*! I think I've just about decided to give all the kids moula this Christmas...I simply don't have time to pick out something fantabulous for each one, and they all have way more toys than any one person needs...and hey...I remember as a kid getting money was the BEST cause that meant I got to pick out WHATEVER I wanted!!! Heck - as an adult - money is still the best gift! ;-) hehe

The parental units are coming up this weekend...(so if friend read this before I get a chance to mail the list serve we won't be in Monroe this weekend! LOL!)... Uncle A and Aunt P are coming as well - it's their anniversary, so they are staying at a hotel ;-) (No naked Friday in my house this weekend thank you very much! LOL!)...and besides - I'm sure they would rather not spend their 28th wedding anniversary on the air mattress in my computer room! (although I did offer!)... :-) Last I heard mom & dad were staying through till Sunday...and then heading back south...

Monday of course is will be an AR Christmas this year...I expect it to be a rather tough day...I've had several moments so far this Christmas season, where I really miss Christy...and I stay busy and have very little time to think, and have only known her for 4 years...I can only imagine what those who knew her her whole life are going through. Over all spirits are high...but there are moments when it creeps in! I still wonder why God needed her now...but I trust his decision, and know there's a reason!

Let's see...what else...oh my brother-in-law & his wife are'll be their third! :-) I'm happy for them! I keep teasing in could be their third and fourth!!! hehehe For anyone who doesn't know, my sweet wonderful husband's grandfather was a twin, so theirs been hope that one of the 3 kids (hubby, his brother, or Christy) would have twins...ya know just now thought of the night Christy father-in-law showed me a picture of his dad and uncle and said he wanted some of those...according to my brother-in-law that their counting back, they said it was around that time that they go maybe they will have twins!! I'll have to remember to tell him about that!!! *evil giggle* (It doesn't bother me to pick on 'em...cause if I end up with twins, I think it would be fantastic! does bother my brother-in-law! that's what makes it so much fun!)

ok - I guess I've rambled on long enough!

Monday, December 11, 2006


Oh my goodness...I'm SOOOOO SLEEEEEPY this morning! I'm struggling to get started at work...and I've been here 2 hours! I've done a little...problem is...I've got a lot to get done! so a little isn't enough!

I'm off work tomorrow - woo hoo - granted it's so I can study some more! and I'm off Thursday for the same thing! The one good thing about being off tomorrow is that I can sleep in some! I'll stay up late tonight trying to finish as much as my brain will allow (it shuts down at times!), and then sleep late tomorrow, so I'm not tired during the exam! This one should be a short one! Still just as challenging as most, but it's only 2 hrs, while all the others are 3-4 hrs!

I have a review session tonight for my test next Monday night...that one when I think about it makes my stomach turn! I feel like I need to get a LOT done still! I know I"ll get it done, and that I have plenty of time (have the whole weekend if I need it!)...but right now...eek!

The weekend was a fun fill - action packed - weekend! LOL! You all know what I was doing - HA - Studying! I know you're jealous!

Ok - I've had a few sips of caffeinated coffee, so the brain is STARTING to function...better get some things done! (I knew until the brain kicked in I could ramble to you all!)

I would ask for your prayers through finals...4 finals...10 days...and I'll be done!

Ok - for real - gotta get to work....stop distracting me! ;-)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Application for Graduation!

Oh my goodness! I can't believe it...yesterday I went to turn in my application for graduation!?! Has it really been almost 4 years since I started...? (well 3 & 1/2)....I think it's silly that it costs $40 just to apply to graduate...but it's part of the hoops to jump through... I've registered for my classes for next semester...I've only got 4 finals (over the next 11 days) and those 3 classes standing between me and graduation...WOW!

Today's been a strange's daddy's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!'s also Christy's birthday...we've both been missing her alot especially today. I still don't understand why God was ready to take her...I trust his plan...but I don't understand it...and I miss her!

The past week or so I've spent a LOT of time studying for my finals...they are Tuesday, Thursday, Monday, and Wednesday...Tuesday is Estate and Gift tax...we can bring the statute in with us and I've taken several tax classes I'm almost ready for it...Thursday is Criminal Procedure Trial...we can't bring I've still got quite a bit to do for it...but the subject matter is rather straight forward...very similar to what ya see on TV court shows (like Law and Order...etc)...but I"ve got to memorize the cases we discussed and such...then the next week...Monday is Decedents Estates (AKA Secured Transactions)...we can bring anything we want for it...I feel like I have a LOT to do in that class...while we can bring anything in...I've got to get a better handle on it...I think I"ll be in better shape on Monday (of this week) because we'll have our review session, and those generally will bring things together full circle...I also haven't had time to spend on this one (due to there being 2 other finals before this one) it'll be better next week...then I end with Intellectual Property...this one we were told that if we put "I hate you *prof's name*" we'll get a C...and we can bring in anything we if he keeps his word, I'll be fine in that class....I need to do some stuff still though...cause I'd like to still sound half intelligent...

My favorite red-head is in Hong her...sorry I haven't was supposed to slow down on Friday, and I got stuck doing something that took till after time to get off to finish...hopefully updating this will make up for it a bit? sweet wonderful husband LOVED the pictures...the ones of the monkey in particular were his favorite!...

Well speaking of those finals that are between me and graduation - better get to studying for them!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Stress Management (from an e-mail I received)

A lecturer, when explaining stress management to an audience, raised a glass of water and asked, "how heavy is this glass of water?" Answers called out ranged from 20g to 500g.

The lecturer replied, "The absolute weight doesn't matter. It depends on how long you try to hold it."

"If I hold it for a minute, that's not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, I'll have an ache in my right arm. If I hold it for a day, you'll have to call an ambulance. In each case, it's the same weight, but the longer I hold it, the heavier that glass becomes."

He continued, "And that's the way it is with a burden. If we carry our burdens all the time, sooner or later, as the burden becomes increasingly heavy, we won't be able to carry on. As with the glass of water, you have to put it down for a while and rest before holding it again. When we're refreshed, we can carry on with the burden."

"So, before you return home tonight, put the burden of work down. Never carry it home. You can pick it up tomorrow. Whatever burdens you're carrying now, let them down for a moment if you can." Relax; pick them up later after you've rested. Life is short. Enjoy it!

And then he shared some ways of dealing with the burdens of life:

* Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue.
* Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.
* Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.
* Drive carefully. It's not only cars that can be recalled by their maker.
* If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.
* If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.
* It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.
* Never buy a car you can't push.
* Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you won't have a leg to stand on.
* Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance.
* Since it's the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late.
* The second mouse gets the cheese.
* When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.
* Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.
* You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.
* Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.
* We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull. Some have weird names, and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box. (And they make beautiful rainbows as they melt on a school radiator!)
* A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

what a week!

I'm going to update...but it's for I can get it all's been just over a week and LOTS has happened...granted nothing that's "exciting to talk about"...

Lets see...Last Monday night I went to the ER with some chest pains...couldn't breath deep at all...felt like someone was squeezing my lungs...very painful...Doc said it was 2 doses of morphine...didn't get home from the ER till my sweet wonderful husband and I decided to sleep late (he took me to the ER)...When we got up around 11ish, he went and got my prescription pain pills filled (I was hurting pretty bad!!!)...He left for work around 1ish, with me promising I wouldn't drive as I took one of the pain pills...he called his mom and told her that I was to call her if I needed anything, and updated her on what was going on...and I drifted off to sleep again...slept for 2 hours or so on the couch and decided to relocate to the and out of was good (I was on pain pills remember!)...then 3:45 my phone rang...pain pills were starting to wear off, so I answered (thinking I could deal with a tele-marketer for a few minutes, since I would get a pain pill after that...only that didn't happen!....

On the other end of the phone was my mother in law...obviously upset...she apologized several times for calling me while I was "sick" (my thoughts - I'm just in pain - not sick)...I told her she could always call me and proceeded to try to pry out of her what was wrong...That when she told me Christy was dead...*sucker punch to the gut feeling*...WHAT?!?!...thinking to myself "she was fine...I just saw her Sunday...had dinner with her Friday...she wasn't even in the hospital...snap back to the phone...she wants me to GO and tell my sweet wonderful husband...I assure her I'm on my way out the door...I threw on my clothes from the night before...and out the door I went (granted with no pain pills - so it was a LONG night!)...I drive to his hooing the whole way...trying to figure out how I tell my precious husband that his sister was dead...I made a few phone calls blubbering on my way out there...was off the phone when I got to his work...he saw me pull up, and came out with a goofy grin on his face (like he forgot that I wasn't supposed to be driving...and I was just here to surprise him) he got closer to the car he saw my face...opened the door and began questioning what was wrong...I couldn't talk...I just cried....he begged what's wrong...I told him it was Christy...and cried more...he had to hear the words...he asked what's wrong with Christy...I could only whisper at this point...hugging him...I whispered that she was dead...he backed away with the look of the "sucker punch" feeling I felt earlier...turned around and collapsed in the parking lot sobbing...(he was VERY close to his sister!)...his boss is also a deacon at our church...he came out and asked what was going on...I told him, and tried to console my sweetie a little... From there it was kind of a blur of family time...we left his work and went out to his parents house...and with the exception of sleeping and during the day Wednesday...we were there until Friday night late....(Wednesday I HAD to go into work for a little while - it was after all the first day of the month and I do work in accounting)...a few friends and my parents came up for the funeral...we got to spend a little time together...and then it was back to work on Monday...while it's been just over a still hurts...

Christy was a fantastic person - I do miss her terribly...granted I know it's probably only a fraction of what my husband feels! It kills my soul to know that her 10 year old son will have to grow up without his's not fair! Granted I know God's in control, and he has a plan...and I know Christy was saved, so she's with Jesus now and not having to struggle with diabetes any more! And her little boy is saved too, so they will be together again! So my only sadness comes from her not being HERE anymore...I can't talk to her...I can hear her laugh...see her least not for a while...

Ok - this has gotten long...and kinda sad...but I needed to get it all out of now I have...and now I must get busy...

Please keep my family in your prayers at this time...ya know - something that's's not my husbands family any more...they are MY family!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Just so there's something new

Not too much to say right now - and really should be working, but taking my 15 minute morning break, which I NEVER do!

Life is good right now! :-)

Finally got my "problems" at work resolved...nothing bad...just a project I work on that blew up (not my fault!) it fixed finally! Woo hoo! It's only taken me 2 months!!

Had some friends spontaneously decide to come see me this past weekend - that was fun! I miss them! Got to see one couple from the marriage retreat too - that was fun too!

My sweet wonderful husband was unable to shoot Bambi...he tried...saw 2 deer, but never got a shot on 'em (I've heard this story about 50 times! LOL)...oh well...there's always next's still early in the season!

Not too much to talk about right's good - that's a good thing!

And hey - 206 days till graduation...or 6 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days!!! :-) But who's counting? LOL

Ok back to work...

Luv ya!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thank you to all who commented on my last post - if you would still like to post a comment on that one - feel free...I'll read 'em, but I'm ready for a new post....All comments were very helpful!

I'm sitting in class tonight...I don't really like this class. I don't pay close attention when I've read the assignment because he doesn't add much to the the text. I'm up for the 2nd half of the hour, so I HAD to read for tonight. That also means I have to pay attention the 2nd half of the class, so I've got to get this ready before that point of the class.... This class is taught by a young attorney who feels like he has something to prove...blah! Just teach the material, I don't care that you have something to prove! And to make it more annoying he walks around with his arms crossed without tucking a hand - so both hands are on top of his arms...blah....ok - can you tell I don't like this class! It's not just the prof...the book stinks also - you'd think something like Intellectual Property would be interesting, new, and well written...if you thought that - you were WRONG! The highlight of the class is visiting with a friend online while she's at work...

Having a little car trouble - hopefully it's nothing major....when I drive it sounds like a stick in the spokes of bicycle's only when I'm significance of sweet wonderful husband changed my brakes and rotors (something else that needed to be done), and didn't notice anything stuck in the tire or anything...gonna take it to the shop tomorrow night, so the mechanic can look at it Friday...hoping it's nothing major, but have NO idea what the problem could be...*sigh*...always fun...

Have some friends coming up this weekend for a marriage retreat...not sure how many of them I'll actually get to see, since we're not going, but hopefully I'll get to see some of 'em...for dinner or something...

The husband is going to hunt Bambi this weekend...he's excited.

I will most likely be doing homework and housework - I know you're jealous!

Ok - getting close to "half-time" so better run spell check and get this posted...

Monday, October 09, 2006


Been thinking alot about friendship lately...won't go into why...just know that it's been on my thoughts....

What is Friendship?

What can friends "expect" from one another?

What's "required" of a friend?

Is there a minimum requirement for "friendship"?

When you lose contact with an old friend, do they still count as a "friend"?

Is it wrong to "writeoff" a friend?

These are my thoughts, and what I'm considering during my Debtor Creditor class...I'll letcha know what I find...
1. the state of being a friend; association as friends: to value a person's friendship.
2. a friendly relation or intimacy.
3. friendly feeling or disposition.
[Origin: bef. 900; ME; OE frēondscipe. See friend, -ship]
—Synonyms 2. harmony, accord, understanding, rapport.

That doesn't help much - can we define a word with it's root work in each definition...we were told in school that we couldn't do that...

Proverbs 18:24: A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. "

...maybe I need to do more?

Proverbs 27:10: Thine own friend, and thy father's friend, forsake not; neither go into thy brother's house in the day of thy calamity: for better is neighborur that is near than a brother far off.

...guess that rules out just "writing them off"...*sigh*...that's tough...not that I WANT to write someone off...but it feels like it would be easier....I guess what I"m wanting to be able to do is "nothing"...if they aren't doing anything, can I just not do anything?... conclusion - can't write 'em off...I think I can't just do "nothing"...but what's the minimum requirement...who defines "friend" it just by self definition "thine own friend"...

Open for comments...actually would like insight...only request is that you don't ask why it's on my mind...please...just comment about friendship in general...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The wedding...

There was a church....

He gave a ring...

She gave a ring...

A candle was lit (yes it's blurry, but you've seen a candle lit before!)...

They were pronounced married (doesn't he look thrilled! LOL!)...

They went for a ride...

There was cake...

....and everyone went home!

Monday, September 11, 2006


What were you doing 5 years ago today...I think everyone in America remembers this day 5 years ago.

To the families of 1. the rescue personnel who lost their loved ones 2. the victims on the flight 3. the victims in the towers...I'm sorry for your loss. You have been in my thoughts all day today...

As a recent college graduate at the time of the attacks on America...I was still in the naive state that nothing bad could happen to America...America was invincible...then the horror that was on every channel of TV, all Radio stations, and the talk of everyone in was unreal...the uncertainty of what's'd this happen...who did thing was certain...we as a nation would never be the same.

That's true - we aren't the same. But are we better and stronger and more united for's sad to say that no - we're more divided than ever.

The verse that was on the lips of most pastors that day, still rings true today..."If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." II Chronicles 7:14

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back to the grind

So...back in school...*sigh*...the break was nice...but I wish it were longer...isn't that the typical case though... :-)

Last weekend was a LOT of fun! Went to Knoxville for a weekend of fun with the hubby and G&G. Had a good visit with them, and had fun on our excursions...we went to the cave I mentioned before...the lake it brags of was the "cool" thing in the cave...there weren't many formations...and the tour guide (who was 17)...explained things with an evolution mindset...for example, this formation takes about 10,000 years to make...etc...then went to this "apple orchard thing" was fun...wasn't what I was expecting, but the frozen Apple Cider (ingredients = apples)...was VERY yummy...and we got some fresh apples...then we went to the aquarium in was cool...lots of fishies and such to see...but again with an Evolution was kinda sad to hear a mom come in read a sign and tell her 6ish year old son...that big turtle skeleton up there lived 22 million years ago...anyway...

Next trip with G&G will be Nashville (since halfway is actually between Knoxville and Nashville). Fortunately both have LOTS to do around them...Not sure when that trip will be though...

Next planned trip is to Nebraska to a friend's wedding...I think we're going to take off Friday & Monday, and leave Thursday we won't have to rush there for the wedding and turn around and rush back...

I've gone to 2 classes of 4 so far...I think it's going to be a good semester...from what ya can tell from half of the classes one time! :-) I go to the other 2 classes tonight - one of which I KNOW will be boring, so I might update again tonight! LOL! I'm trying to not get online much during class, and focus more even when it's terribly dry material, so we'll see! LOL!

Another big change we've decided to do...most everyone knows about our change in eating habits...the whole goal is to be healthier...get the junk out of our diets...well...we've also decided to get other "junk" outta our lives...we've decided to quit watching TV...our thoughts are we've both got LOTS of school stuff we need to get done...and often times we neglect our quiet time with the Lord because we don't have time...but we have time to watch we've agreed that the TV doesn't come on unless we've both had our quiet time, and school work is done. We've decided that we might do like Friday night movie or something (since neither of us have class), but it's gotta be a clean movie... The other thought besides just the "time" factor, is we've been thinking about the content of what's on TV...and we only have basic TV...and there's NOTHING in the shows we typically watch that is beneficial...most have terrible morals...terrible language...etc...and there's other much more beneficial things we can fill our time with! I'm so excited about this change!!

Ok - well - I better get back to work...have several things that need to be done and it's already 2!


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Well it hasn't been a whole month!


While I know it has been a while...I've been outta school, so I can't post updates while in class (cause I'm not in class! LOL!)

Have enjoyed my mini summer so far...

First weekend went to see the parental units...had a good visit...
Second weekend went to see the friends...had a decent visit (so many people in such a short time, I feel like we didn't get to really VISIT with everyone like I would have liked!)...
Third weekend went fishing...had fun!
This weekend...not sure what we'll do - really probably aught to finish some projects around the house, but we'll see how that goes...
Next weekend...going to Tenn. to a cave...a "mini vacation"...looking forward to it!

Then classes start that Monday for me...(my sweet wonderful husband starts this coming week, and I'll have to read while he's in class, since we'll be gone that weekend, but it's not class yet!)

Not too much exciting to talk about...

There have been several times something would happen, and I'd think, I could blog about that...but of course those NEVER happened when I was in front of a computer! And now that I"m taking the time to type out something...none of those things come to mind! *sigh*

Ok - wasted enough time talking about nothing, so better get back to work...


Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's summer finally!!!

Ok - I know technically it's been summer for like 2 months or so...but I've finally got a break from school for a month, so it can really feel like summer!! woo hoo!

This weekend I'm going to see the parental weekend going to Funroe to see the friends...that's as far as I have planned...probably about all the traveling we'll get done (as far as I can tell) before school starts back...then the end of September we're going to Nebraska to see a friend get married.

Ok - gotta vent a hard is it for someone to say thank you for you doing something for them...don't get me wrong - I'm the worlds worst at hand writing a thank you note and getting it in the mail...I'm talking a verbal thank you...or an e-mail...*sigh*...I don't do things for people to get a thank you...but to be "ignored" when you send something to someone...argh and it was the SECOND TIME!! Here's the old boss came and asked me a legal question(she came and found me in person and asked me to find out something for her)...sounded interesting, I told her I'd see what I could find, but no promises....I spent a couple hours looking for the information for her over the next couple of days...sent her an e-mail (about a week after her asking)...with the information I wasn't conclusive, because I couldn't find anywhere where Arkansas had handled that situation before...but told her about the "close" cases...spent some time on it...and told her that I'd done quite a bit of looking...I put a read receipt on it...and saw where she read it...and got NOTHING from her back...all I'm wanting is a "thanks for your time" kinda that too hard?!? She came to me because she knew it'd be free information...told me that...don't want to have to pay a retainer for an you aren't going to pay me - that's fine - I'm not a lawyer yet...but at least say thank you!! (the other time was much more minor, but still irritating...she got a job change...not a promotion, just a change, but she'd been wanting one...I sent her an e-mail saying congrats I know you've been wanting a receipt...and NOTHING...*sigh*)... Maybe I expect too much...I expect people to do what I would do...cause I don't think it's going out of the way to shoot an e-mail back (click reply, hit 9 keys "t-h-a-n-k- -y-o-u", click send)...

Ok - I feel better - got that venting out...(and you got something new to read - 2 birds one stone!)

Better get back to work - after taking off 2 days this week...I've got plenty to get done before the week's out (TOMORROW!) yikes!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the last few days....

Evenin folks...I'm going to see how much I can get update while I'm in class...I was late (because I got held up at work)...I didn't read for tonight (I'll get to why in a bit)....and I just don't wanna be you get my attention instead...aren't you happy? :-)

Let's see...Work is well work - *sigh*....2 more days till the split...things had started slowing down...but then we'll get something in that has to be done yesterday....I'm ready for a future due date on something!!! That's what I was doing tonight instead of getting to class on time! Oh well! I didn't miss too much - I was about 30 min late (class is about 2.5 hrs)...

My favorite red head lost her grandfather this past weekend - I was heartbroken to hear about it (and I didn't hear about it till too late..). She was planning to go visit for one last full family visit (knowing he was in ill health)...but he passed before they made it down... Her birthday was friday...and her anniversary is this coming Sunday (if I remember correctly)...they've been married 7 years - WOW! time flies! I'm getting to keep her munchkins this weekend (well Friday night), so they can have a night alone! That'll be fun! :-) Her monkey (read daughter) has my sweet wonderful husband wrapped around her little finger!!!! It's cute!

This past weekend was "painting" weekend....we actually started applying paint to the theory - great reality - a WEEKEND LONG NIGHTMARE!!! but as of today they are blue!! (the reason I'm not prepared for class!) Friday we finished taping off the room, and I started painting...almost halfway around the room I my sweety needed me to go back and "touch up" something...when I did...the part that should have been "dry"...just peeled right off...*sigh*...I was not happy!!! The place we got the paint had told us that if the paint comes off with nail polish remover then it's latex, and so we bought latex, but the peeling of made it appear to be oil based...My sweety called one of his deer hunting buddies, who's a painter, who told us that we needed to get it off as quick as possible....he recommended 409 and lots of scrubbing...I'm sold on'll get anything off!!!! We got all but about 4 feet squared cleared off (by then it was 1AM)...Saturday we had to get the rest off - we were SO thankful we had done as much as we had on Friday night! THREE bottles of "Oops" later, and it was off...we got the primer and on Sunday got that on the for those keeping score at home - 3 days TONS of work - many sore joints and muscles - and we had the primer on! Last night we painted the blue...tonight my sweet wonderful husband said he was going to touch up the walls and the trim so it will be DONE tonight, and maybe by tomorrow night we can sleep in OUR room again!! :-)

Let's see...what else...

Oh - something that to me was awesome! Sunday night when I was saying my prayers at bed time, I asked God to show me his power on Monday...I asked him to show me something that I would know "that was God"...I do that periodically when my faith feels so weak...and Monday I got a call from my friends, that K had gotten a job! It was an answer to prayer for her...which was an answer of prayer for me...the way it all fell into place it HAD to be a God thing! They were needing some "uplifting" and to see God do something great in their lives...they had been dealt some tough things to deal with, and this was a turning point! Ain't God good! in answering their prayer...and them calling me to tell me...God answered my prayer...2 birds one stone! :-)

Ok - well I've updated, and still have 30 minutes of class...I can't think of anything else to write about though...I think I'm better do spell check and get this posted...

Love y'all (if I know ya - if you're a lurker I don't know ya to love ya) LOL!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Here ya go - something new to read! LOL I get the hint! It was very subtle Mrs. Green! ;-)

I was planning to update last night while I was in class, but I ended up going home with a migraine...what fun! I'm sitting at work today - happy 4th! LOL! I think the company I work for is a Chinese company, so they don't celebrate the 4th! LOL - ok - just kidding! The company split happens in 2 weeks, so they are trying to rush month end close...and that means no taking off the 4th...they CAN'T wait for one more day to get the books closed! So the whole company EXCEPT accounting/finance is off today! ...*sigh*...but things are beginning to slow down! And we'll get to take our "Holiday" later...don't get paid extra for it, but at least we don't lose it!

I've got several things I need to get done, but I'm having to wait on co-workers to finish something else, before I can do what I need to get done...granted it CAN wait till tomorrow, but since I have to be here today, I might as well get it done!...

We have made even more progress on painting the room...actually BOUGHT the paint this weekend!!! WOO HOO! Cooking with Crisco now! We had lots of company this weekend...friends from Monroe on Friday night...they didn't stay but one night, so my brother-in-law and his wife, and their 2 kids came over, and we played games (the kids watched movies)...them coming over kept us from actually starting to paint...but playing games was MUCH more fun than painting! Then Sunday had the parent-in-laws over for lunch...My sweet wonderful husband cooked steaks, and I fixed several veggies for was quite yummy!

The hubby has been off both yesterday and today...I'm jealous...yesterday...he went out to his parents and did some yard work for them...and today I think he's going to paint for us! Wouldn't that be great - to get home and the room to be painted!!! woo hoo! I'm not expecting it - cause it IS his day off, but he mentioned he was going to do it, so I'm hopeful! I enjoy painting, so I don't mind helping, but if it's done when I get home, I promise I won't cry over it! LOL!

Ok - better get back to to you all "soon" <-- a very relative term!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

so that worked...

Ok - so I had good intentions of blogging more frequently...does that count?

Let's see...what's new...

I'm sitting in my Criminal Procedure Pre-Trial's interesting...but it's Summer...I should be sitting at the house right now! Well...actually getting started on the painting...we've made progress...cleaned up the bedroom so we can get to all 4 walls...went to the store and got samples of what color "white" we'll need for the trim...Duck white...or White Duck, can't remember the order, but you get the gist, if you were wondering. We've also picked out the color for the wall but I don't remember the name of that one, sorry, you'll just have to come see it when it's done! ;-) Actually when we buy the paint, I'll know the name of it at that point.

I got my grades yesterday...pretty good...2 B's...1 C+...& 2 C's....I was hoping for a little better, but I'm not upset at all with them, it was a good semester overall! The 2 C's were in classes that had pre-req's that I hadn't had yet, so I can't complain.

Work has been SUPER BUSY lately...and will continue to be so for at least 3 or 4 more weeks...*sigh*...I'm ready for the Spin to be done with! There's some of my co-workers that I"ll miss a bunch - actually most of them I'll miss! But there's one in particular, that I'm ready for her to be gone...she's "nice"...but she's a whiner! No one works as hard as her, even though we all have more work that we can get done...and life's just so hard for her etc.

Ok...I've run out of things to talk about now....that's kinda sad...I used to be able to ramble on and on...but I'm blocked right now...oh well...guess that'll have to do to hold you over until next time...(granted depending on how class goes...that could be a little later tonight! LOL - don't expect it though! ;-) )