Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Just so there's something new

Not too much to say right now - and really should be working, but taking my 15 minute morning break, which I NEVER do!

Life is good right now! :-)

Finally got my "problems" at work resolved...nothing bad...just a project I work on that blew up (not my fault!) it fixed finally! Woo hoo! It's only taken me 2 months!!

Had some friends spontaneously decide to come see me this past weekend - that was fun! I miss them! Got to see one couple from the marriage retreat too - that was fun too!

My sweet wonderful husband was unable to shoot Bambi...he tried...saw 2 deer, but never got a shot on 'em (I've heard this story about 50 times! LOL)...oh well...there's always next's still early in the season!

Not too much to talk about right's good - that's a good thing!

And hey - 206 days till graduation...or 6 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days!!! :-) But who's counting? LOL

Ok back to work...

Luv ya!


Anonymous said...

was a great trip. can't wait to do it again, but longer, with more people!

love you!

see you soon!

Ms.Green said...

Your project blew up??? Where do you work, at a munitions plant?

Thought you were going to be an attorney. Attorneys don't normally blow things up - they defend people who do!