Saturday, December 09, 2006

Application for Graduation!

Oh my goodness! I can't believe it...yesterday I went to turn in my application for graduation!?! Has it really been almost 4 years since I started...? (well 3 & 1/2)....I think it's silly that it costs $40 just to apply to graduate...but it's part of the hoops to jump through... I've registered for my classes for next semester...I've only got 4 finals (over the next 11 days) and those 3 classes standing between me and graduation...WOW!

Today's been a strange's daddy's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!'s also Christy's birthday...we've both been missing her alot especially today. I still don't understand why God was ready to take her...I trust his plan...but I don't understand it...and I miss her!

The past week or so I've spent a LOT of time studying for my finals...they are Tuesday, Thursday, Monday, and Wednesday...Tuesday is Estate and Gift tax...we can bring the statute in with us and I've taken several tax classes I'm almost ready for it...Thursday is Criminal Procedure Trial...we can't bring I've still got quite a bit to do for it...but the subject matter is rather straight forward...very similar to what ya see on TV court shows (like Law and Order...etc)...but I"ve got to memorize the cases we discussed and such...then the next week...Monday is Decedents Estates (AKA Secured Transactions)...we can bring anything we want for it...I feel like I have a LOT to do in that class...while we can bring anything in...I've got to get a better handle on it...I think I"ll be in better shape on Monday (of this week) because we'll have our review session, and those generally will bring things together full circle...I also haven't had time to spend on this one (due to there being 2 other finals before this one) it'll be better next week...then I end with Intellectual Property...this one we were told that if we put "I hate you *prof's name*" we'll get a C...and we can bring in anything we if he keeps his word, I'll be fine in that class....I need to do some stuff still though...cause I'd like to still sound half intelligent...

My favorite red-head is in Hong her...sorry I haven't was supposed to slow down on Friday, and I got stuck doing something that took till after time to get off to finish...hopefully updating this will make up for it a bit? sweet wonderful husband LOVED the pictures...the ones of the monkey in particular were his favorite!...

Well speaking of those finals that are between me and graduation - better get to studying for them!

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