Monday, December 11, 2006


Oh my goodness...I'm SOOOOO SLEEEEEPY this morning! I'm struggling to get started at work...and I've been here 2 hours! I've done a little...problem is...I've got a lot to get done! so a little isn't enough!

I'm off work tomorrow - woo hoo - granted it's so I can study some more! and I'm off Thursday for the same thing! The one good thing about being off tomorrow is that I can sleep in some! I'll stay up late tonight trying to finish as much as my brain will allow (it shuts down at times!), and then sleep late tomorrow, so I'm not tired during the exam! This one should be a short one! Still just as challenging as most, but it's only 2 hrs, while all the others are 3-4 hrs!

I have a review session tonight for my test next Monday night...that one when I think about it makes my stomach turn! I feel like I need to get a LOT done still! I know I"ll get it done, and that I have plenty of time (have the whole weekend if I need it!)...but right now...eek!

The weekend was a fun fill - action packed - weekend! LOL! You all know what I was doing - HA - Studying! I know you're jealous!

Ok - I've had a few sips of caffeinated coffee, so the brain is STARTING to function...better get some things done! (I knew until the brain kicked in I could ramble to you all!)

I would ask for your prayers through finals...4 finals...10 days...and I'll be done!

Ok - for real - gotta get to work....stop distracting me! ;-)

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