Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So...made it to spring break! woo hoo! I've been extremely stressed as of late...can't imagine why?!? *sigh* Buy hey...I've got 52 days till graduation...and only 17 days of classes!!! I was stressing the other day and my sweet wonderful husband reminded me the only thing I HAVE to do is graduate...I can take the bar exam next year if I was a really sweet offer! And cut the stress a little knowing he won't hate me or be disappointed etc! Granted I'm still gonna take the bar this's like I told him, I'm pretty sure the stress will be the same this summer of if I put it off till next! so might as well get it over with! By the time I take the bar exam, I'll have a whopping 2 days of vacation time left! (assuming I stay at the current job - which I can only plan in my current little box I live in!)...since I like to take off for finals, and one of the reviews is during the day, and the bar exam is during the day....*sigh*!

This past weekend we went to NC to visit my bro & SIL! Had a GREAT time with them! The further we got away from here the more the tension eased...I didn't bring the first school related thing with me, so I could actually relax! (remember I'll only have 2 days after the bar exam for the rest of the year - so this was basically my vacation for the year!)...Friday night was the best night's sleep I've had in a while!!! Sunday night/Monday AM woke up with a stomach bug (2AMish)...and didn't really sleep much after the time I got up Monday to get in the truck...I was empty...if ya get my drift...the ride back was awful!!! Granted my sweet wonderful husband was fantastic!!! He's so good to me!

Upcoming plans: This coming weekend we're going to see the parental units! The following Tuesday I go get my mouthpiece to help with my TMJ issues!! The next weekend we'll actually be home... The next weekend a girl-friend(class-mate) & I are going to take a "de-stress" weekend (really just an overnight outta town) get our hair done, a massage, possibly a manicure...just whatever we want...then have a wedding to go to that Saturday evening, so we have to be back in time for that...

On the to-do list...still have to finish filling out the Bar the fingerprinting the letters of recommendation in - THANKS! (you know who you are!) might can get that finished tonight(it's THIRTEEN pages!!) and sent off tomorrow...well have to go get the big fat cashiers check to submit tomorrow, and THEN can send it off...which will still be FOUR days before the deadline!! Woo hoo! I'm really trying to not show up the day it's due in the office it's due to turn it in! *sigh*! Still gotta get out announcements (they came in this past week)...and find a place for the graduation gathering...(I think the friend I'm doing that with has someone trying to find a place, but need to follow up)...Need to sign up and pay for the "other" Bar review the 2oth...3 Final exams and then graduation! I think that's it...list is shrinking some!

Better get off here...time to head to the house!

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Ms.Green said...

Don't forget to email me about praying! I've already forgotten when the bar comes up, so I need a little reminder.