Monday, November 12, 2007

6 months

Man! Time does fly! Let's see what's new...since my last post in early May...hmm...I graduated...I studied for the bar exam...I failed the bar exam...and am studying for the bar exam again...see you didn't miss much! LOL! We've been to Funroe several times lately, and it appears will be several more before the year's out...I've enjoyed traveling...but shock of all shocks...I'm ready to stay home! So, this weekend, we're going to stay home...and then next weekend is Thanksgiving, so hopefully we'll be traveling that weekend (still on hold with work though on those plans...)...then back to hunting in Funroe for the hubby... I'm taking this weekend to clean my house some, and get a little value out of the mortgage payment this month! LOL! One family of my friends are moving to this area, so I'm excited about that...and he will be staying with us starting next week until their house sells...need to make some room for him!

Ok - I see why I haven't posted...I have nothing to say apparently! LOL! I probably would have had more to say along the way over the last HALF OF A YEAR that I haven't posted...but oh well! Work has blocked Blogger, so I can't post from there, and I'm not at school anymore (which is when I did a lot of my posting!) it makes it more challenging! I saw where you can e-mail your posts in, so I'm going to see about maybe doing be watching to see if I keep up any promises though! LOL!

Ok - time for me to go to bed - I'm tired! (I'm only still up cause I was waiting for the pumpkin to finish cooking (not cooking for Thanksgiving, just so the pumpkin won't go bad, and I"ll have it for pumpkin bread!), and it finished, and has been pureed and is in ziplock baggies, so nothing keeping me up but you - go to bed! LOL

g'night for now...

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curlygin78 said...

Hey you. I miss you.
How's bar exam prep?