Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hey! Yeah! It's really me!

I attempted to log in today...and it worked...who knew! ;-) I know you are all thinking I got swallowed up by monsters or something...I was kinda thinking I had as well!

Took the Bar Exam the last week of February...won't get results till April...Who knows how I did...but for 5 weeks I get to enjoy life not knowing either way!

We've been working towards rearranging our house...still got a lot to do, but we've made a good start...

I think it's been too long since I posted, cause I have nothing really interesting to say...

For your viewing pleasure I'll show you what I got to enjoy TWICE this week (Tuesday and Friday)...

Tuesday morning on my way to work...

and Friday afternoon:

Friday Odie decided to build a snowman since there was so much snow!

Ok - now you should all be happy...a recent post WITH pictures!


curlygin78 said...

Wow! It's been only 4 months, so you're posting so much more frequently. :-) I missed you on here.

Living the blissfully ignorant life with regard to the Bar is good, right? Keep us posted. (You already know the topic of your next posting in 1.5 months, if that helps.)

For goodness sake, put some PANTS on that "Nephew" of mine, or else he'll catch a cold! Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

he's wearing fur pants, what else better for snow!

love you, good to hear from ... your blog.

Anonymous said...

Started drinking since you moved to Arkansas huh. Odie building a snowman, yea. Or were you just carried away seeing so much snow?

Well it is about time to hear something else from you. Your life sounds about as interesting as mine.

I did take my grandbaby to Disney a few weeks ago, had a ball. On the way home she wanted to know when I was going to take her back.

Better get back to work talk to you later.