Thursday, September 10, 2015

WHAT This thing still works?!?!

So it's been....7 years!!!  WOW!  If anyone ever looks here - I'll dust some of the cobwebs off for ya! LOL!

So let's see...since I was on last...we've moved twice (apt to house then to another city)...Job stayed the same till I quit in December...hubby lost job, got job, quit job, got another job, graduated college, got another job, quit that one, got another one, and then left that one for the one he's in now!  Sounds like a LOT but it's been SEVEN years!!!

oh yeah - had 2 kids...1 turns 6 in a couple weeks and the other turns 2 in December!

Homeschooling and keeping my babies at home is my full time job now!  It's the best!!

I have also begun selling It Works products - all natural products that help with SO MANY things!!! and they really do work!!! (at least the ones I've used do!)  I decided to start selling them because Justin is SOOO stressed all the time with work...and at work all the time (he's currently there and it's almost 11PM!)...and a good friend's sister who's a distributor (I'm friends with the sister too, but much close to the other) was able to work the business and bring her husband home!  He quit a full time job as an well paid engineer to be home and work the business with her and be there with their girls...  I want my husband to not have to stress over work anymore!  Plus like I said - they do work!  So while I have great ambitions of bringing my husband home, if I didn't love the products I wouldn't sell them!! :-)

Whoa - still chase rabbits as I wasn't intending to go into all that...was just going to catch up...
Well I'll try to be back before my kids graduate! LOL
(actually the almost 6 yr old wants her own "app" ;-) told her that her aunt and I were talking about getting the girls a blog/web page and in her 21st century mind it's an app!  so we'll see if that comes to be!)

Ok - that's enough for now...lets see how long this little update can hold you....let me know if anyone's still out there?!

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