Sunday, September 21, 2008


Let's see...what's happened since March...umm...alot...let's see...passed the Bar exam! WOO HOO!...celebrated 4th anniversary with my sweetie...found out the company I was working for was being sold...well...had been purchased...interviewed for a new job...was hired for new job...moved...started new job...hubbie got new job...ummm...I think that about sums it up...see you haven't missed much...I can sum up 6 months in a few short lines! :-)

The new job is an attorney position with the less risk of being bought out ;-) LOL! I have been in the new job for just over a month now...been mainly observing another attorney...and this Wednesday I lead on my first case...I'll have co-counsel for my first few cases, so that's good...that way if some off the wall objection/motion is made, & I don't know how to respond, she'll be able to help...Then in about 2 weeks, I'll take on my caseload all by myself...kinda scary, but I'm excited about's the culmination of 5 years of work! We're hoping our house sells soon...and that we find a church home here...and then things will be looking good for us...but even as things stand right now...God has truly blessed us!

well hubbie is starting to houseclean, so lemme get off here (he's making me look bad! ;-) )

Hopefully it won't be 6 months till my next post! :-)


curlygin78 said...

I tagged you! It'll help you NOT wait another 6 months for another post. ;-)Just read my latest post.


Amanda said...

This will sound random, but I've been calling my blog my little spot for a long time, but not using the address like you are. I was wondering if you wanted to give away the address? (Sorry so random) Let me know. amandalucc at hotmail is my email if you get this!