Thursday, December 21, 2006


Woo hoo!!! The semester is finally over!!!! I think it ended well....but we'll know for sure in late January or early February! I didn't sleep as well last night as I had hoped...I don't think my mind realized it really was over, and it could relax! I went to bed with a headache, and woke up this AM with one. At least it's not a migraine!

It's a good thing I was able to get a lot of my Christmas shopping done on trips this past year, and a few ordered through catalogs...because tonight is my first opportunity to go Christmas shopping! I've got parents (both biological and in-law) taken care of, and was able to get my brother done last week...nephews done...all that's left are a few more...and I need to get a baby gift for one of the couples in the church...they had their kid at Thanksgiving, but I haven't had time to get her anything...(I was unable to attend her baby shower because it was the Tuesday after Christy died, and I couldn't miss another night of class, after missing almost a whole week before!)...I feel like such a bad friend...she says she understands, but still...*sigh*! I think I've just about decided to give all the kids moula this Christmas...I simply don't have time to pick out something fantabulous for each one, and they all have way more toys than any one person needs...and hey...I remember as a kid getting money was the BEST cause that meant I got to pick out WHATEVER I wanted!!! Heck - as an adult - money is still the best gift! ;-) hehe

The parental units are coming up this weekend...(so if friend read this before I get a chance to mail the list serve we won't be in Monroe this weekend! LOL!)... Uncle A and Aunt P are coming as well - it's their anniversary, so they are staying at a hotel ;-) (No naked Friday in my house this weekend thank you very much! LOL!)...and besides - I'm sure they would rather not spend their 28th wedding anniversary on the air mattress in my computer room! (although I did offer!)... :-) Last I heard mom & dad were staying through till Sunday...and then heading back south...

Monday of course is will be an AR Christmas this year...I expect it to be a rather tough day...I've had several moments so far this Christmas season, where I really miss Christy...and I stay busy and have very little time to think, and have only known her for 4 years...I can only imagine what those who knew her her whole life are going through. Over all spirits are high...but there are moments when it creeps in! I still wonder why God needed her now...but I trust his decision, and know there's a reason!

Let's see...what else...oh my brother-in-law & his wife are'll be their third! :-) I'm happy for them! I keep teasing in could be their third and fourth!!! hehehe For anyone who doesn't know, my sweet wonderful husband's grandfather was a twin, so theirs been hope that one of the 3 kids (hubby, his brother, or Christy) would have twins...ya know just now thought of the night Christy father-in-law showed me a picture of his dad and uncle and said he wanted some of those...according to my brother-in-law that their counting back, they said it was around that time that they go maybe they will have twins!! I'll have to remember to tell him about that!!! *evil giggle* (It doesn't bother me to pick on 'em...cause if I end up with twins, I think it would be fantastic! does bother my brother-in-law! that's what makes it so much fun!)

ok - I guess I've rambled on long enough!

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...and natural triplets run in your family.