Thursday, January 04, 2007

May 19th

Or 4 Months, 2 Weeks, and 1 day....till graduation! I called the school to find out the date, and she said it's the 3rd Saturday of apparently it's the same DAY as the main campus graduation, but it's a separate ceremony!

I can't believe the break is almost over...I've got just over a week left off...*sigh*...and this week has been long at with all that's been going on, I haven't really gotten to go home and sit on my duff...first few days off was prepare for Christmas...then was Christmas...took nephew hunting one day...worked 2 1/2 days then had company for New Years...New Years off...this week so far I've worked 32 hours already...and I have to work tomorrow AND Saturday...oh and I was off Monday, so those 32 hours are in 3 days!...I should get off at a reasonable hour about 15 minutes...and my sweet wonderful husband has requested I not work late tomorrow night...not that I'll have much say in it, but it is his birthday and I'd rather not have to work late either! Then next week we'll be getting ready for our trip...we're going to Georgia to see my sweet wonderful husband's "sister"...I'm looking forward to that trip, but when we get a week and a half from today...Tuesday the 16th...granted that'll be 4 months and 4 days till graduation! :-D (but who's counting?)...

Ok lemme get off here...just wanted to firm up the date...for whoever reads here anymore!


curlygin78 said...

ROCKIN!!! We'll be there. :)

WirelessMike said...

We'll definitely be there. Who would've guessed you'd pursue a career in law? I mean, with your personality and habits... ok, nevermind, I don't have a point there (maybe it's MORE astounding that you're an accountant!)

ANYWAY... I'll be there with a boathorn.